Top 10 Best Pajama Brands | Complete Guide to Stylish Sleepwear

If you want to have a good night’s sleep, good Pajama play a certain role. So which brand of Pajama is better? The editor has compiled a list of the top 10 best Pajama brands for everyone, hoping to provide you with a reference for which brand of Pajama to choose.

Here are the Top 10 Best Pajama Brands

American Standard Pajama

  (Guangdong famous trademark, one of the drafting units of the national textile industry implementation standard, top ten pajama brands, industry famous brand, Guangdong American Standard Clothing Industry Co., Ltd.)


  (The first opened in 1916 in Germany, listed company, multinational famous brand, top ten clothing brands, industry famous brand, Shanghai British Model Garment Co., Ltd.)


  (China Famous Trademark, China Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Guangdong Famous Brand Product, Large-scale Professional Underwear Company, Shenzhen Manifen Knitting Co., Ltd.)

Victoria’s Secret

  (In 1963, one of the top ten brands of Pajama and one of the most famous sexy underwear brands in the world, belonging to the Limited Brands Group, a well-known mid-to-high-end clothing manufacturer)


  (China Famous Brand, China’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands, One of the Leading Enterprises in China’s Home Furnishing/Underwear Apparel Industry, Zhongshan Kang Niya Clothing Co., Ltd.)

Adore Aimer

  (China Famous Trademark, Beijing Famous Brand Product, Beijing Famous Trademark, Top Ten Pajama Brands, Pajama/Underwear Professional Leading Brand, Beijing Aimu Underwear Co., Ltd.)


  (founded in 1967, a brand from Taiwan, one of the largest underwear groups across the Taiwan Strait, a well-known brand in the industry, Golden Deer Garment Industry Co., Ltd.)

Fenton Pajama

  (Guangdong Famous Brand, Top Ten Pajama Brands, Vice Chairman Unit of China Textile Association Homewear Professional Committee, Large Home Furnishing Enterprise, Shantou Hongxing Garment Co., Ltd.)


  (Professional bedding, home leisure wear, sauna bathrobe production enterprise integrating product development, production, and marketing, Beijing Qirui Garment Co., Ltd.)

autumn deer Pajama

  (founded in 1989, Guangdong famous brand, Guangdong famous brand products, one of the largest professional companies in home clothing production and sales, Guangdong Qiulu Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Which brand of Pajama is good, Pajama buying guide

Pajama are our closest companion during sleep, our second skin. Nowadays, people’s demands in life have paid more and more attention to taste, and paying attention to Pajama is one of them. Every day I go to work and run around, so the clothes will inevitably be covered with a lot of dust.

After returning home, changing into a set of Pajama will make it much cleaner. Also, we work under a lot of pressure every day, so we need to have a relaxed environment after returning home. , and the comfort and looseness of Pajama can just meet our hearts and get rid of the tense office state for us. Therefore, people’s awareness of Pajama is also increasing, and more and more attention is paid to the choice of Pajama.

Some people pay attention to choosing a set of beautiful, showy or sexy Pajama, while some consumers prefer cute, cartoon A little loose Pajama, but these are secondary points. The most important thing in choosing Pajama is to be of good quality and comfortable to wear, so as to have better sleep quality. So in the face of so many sleepwear brands on the market, how should we choose?

suspender Pajama

It is mostly used in summer. Due to the hot summer, sweat often wets people’s underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of sweat and also consider the appearance, so the suspender Pajama appeared. The texture of suspender Pajama mainly includes silk, spun silk, cotton and linen blends and pure cotton. Pajama made of these materials are sweat-absorbent and not close to the body. The elegant feeling is indeed fascinating.

split Pajama

The biggest advantage is that it is comfortable to wear and easy to move. Most women at home are willing to choose this style of Pajama. The style of the split Pajama is mainly reflected in the change of the collar type of the top. The collar type of the small suit is the most common type of collar.

The loose design and the two large pockets fully reflect the practical value. Another beauty of the lapel design of the suit is that the woman’s neck is exposed, so that women at home can decorate the neck with a new look. It is easy to clean and eliminates the disadvantage of wearing a pullover. In addition to the style of Konishi lapel, the style of lapel shirt is also the most common.

The collar Pajama increase the flexibility of neck modification. The buttons located on the neck can be tied or unbuttoned, which looks casual, but is actually unique. Especially in order to match this year’s Year of the Dragon, some brands have drawn the auspicious pattern of the dragon and the phoenix on the front of the jacket, integrating the charm of national culture into the clothing.

one-piece nightgown

In the family of Pajama, the one that appeared earlier and was called Pajama was probably even this one-piece nightgown. The appearance of the one-piece nightgown not only makes people’s clothing and accessories work and home, but also shows that people’s living standards have indeed improved.



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